Havocs with Heart


What is Havocs With Heart?

Havocs with Heart is a program committed to making a difference in the community and connecting members with various non-profit organizations in Phoenix. We believe we can use GCU sporting events and our wide member base to shed light on local charities and lend a helping hand.

This season, we selected four charities that serve a wide range of needs, from homelessness to life threatening illnesses. Havocs members use the same energy they have at games to help others who are in need. We believe it’s our responsibility to not only cheer for our athletics and connect with students on campus, but use our position within Grand Canyon University to help support the surrounding community.

Havocs with Heart proudly partnered with the following charities for the 2017-18 season:

  • Best Buddies
  • HopeKids
  • One Step Beyond
  • Phoenix Rescue Mission

We have completed all five service projects for this season. For more information about volunteering, please email gcuhavocs@gcu.edu.