Why can’t I claim my ticket?

Use your GCU STUDENT EMAIL.  This is the problem most students run into.

How do I get a ticket?

Tickets are available the week of the game starting on Sundays.  You can claim them online at gcuarena.com/students-tickets

Will I get removed from All-Access if I miss too many games?

No, if you purchase the $25 pass you will be All-Access for the entire season

How do I become a Havocs leader?

In the Spring applications come out, and you can apply online just like you are applying to any other job on campus

How can I get more information about events?

Follow us @GCUHavocs on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat to stay up to date with all information and events

How do I become a Havoc?

All students are Havocs and are welcome at all sporting events! If you want the All-Access basketball experience, sign-ups are on October 8th

What if I have work on the same night as a basketball game?

You should call in sick, your boss will understand